From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

By Joelyn Brickner

Eye of Buddha will enlighten your home

In Michael Ondaatje's book Anil's Ghost, he wrote about a high-ranking Sri Lankan artisan post which has the responsibility of painting the eyes of Buddha statues. This is considered an act of great religious significance because it endows the Buddha with vision.

On virtually every Buddhist shrine in Nepal, there are giant pairs of Buddha eyes staring out from the four sides of the main tower. Looking out in all four directions, they symbolize the all-seeing presence of the Buddha. Between the Buddha's eyes is a curly symbol that looks like a question mark which is the Nepalese character for the number one, meaning the unity of all things and the path to enlightenment. Above this is a third eye, symbolizing the all-seeing wisdom of the Buddha.

Whether this piques your interest or not, a visit to the Eye of Buddha store will. Eye of Buddha is a bazaar of home furnishings and gifts from around the world. An import store supporting a co-op of vendors, they have furniture and accessories from India, Thailand, Bali and Nepal, as well as the work of talented local artists. The showroom floor features an array of hardwood furniture - teak and mahogany. In one nook, silver-plated fortune cookies advertise "do it yourself" fortunes; in another, scented lotions, candles and soaps offer a bevy of fragrances. Colorful shawls, and soft clothing hang in some booths and mirrors of all shapes and sizes, batik banners and religious statues and icons dot the periphery. "We offer price points for everyone, gearing the merchandise for neighborhood shoppers and tourists alike," said store manager Madilyn Bovey. They also do custom-design orders, including curtains.

In addition to products designed to enhance a tranquil home, classes are offered in feng shui, meditation, reflexology and, if you'd like a reading, there is a psychic available by appointment. Himalayan singing bowl classes and concerts are also onsite, but call for a schedule. 

Once a vendor in the store, owner Narayan Tamrakar has seen the space go through a couple of "reincarnations," but is ready to celebrate its one-year anniversary in April. Bovey said she anticipates doing some fun things to mark the event, but in any case, visit the store soon "just to feel better." Eye of Buddha is located at 4247 Park Boulevard, on the corner of El Cajon Boulevard. For more information, call (619) 296-1150.